Talk about a transformation! The project: take an “office” and turn it into a crafts/scrapbooking room. But where to begin? That is when a friend recommended MaryLynn St. Germaine at Organization by Design. She turned my clutter into a defined, organized space.

The great thing about MaryLynn is she lets you be a part of the process. She wants to work with the systems you already have in place. She wants to make sure that the organized space she creates will work for you.

We began with my “office” and have since moved on to the kitchen and closet. The best news…I have kept everything neat and tidy because she makes it easy to do so. "


Mary Lynn, I really enjoy having your help organizing my life. When we first moved your services were invaluable. You helped me set up systems and organized my closets, kitchen, cabinets in an amazing fashion. Being a family of 5 and keeping everything organized in not always easy, but working with you made our move and unpacking completely smooth. Taking us from 15 file drawers down to two has made our lives so much easier. Your pleasant manner made you a joy to work with.

After one and a half years of living in our house: I admittedly did not keep up the organization in my closet that we started, you came in and did a brief touch up (when I wasn’t even home) and completely brought the organization of my closet not only back to what we started but took it to a whole new level. You grouped all my items by color and type, labeled the shelves they sit on and made it easy to use. Now I can not only find items I’m looking for, but it looks nice to walk into a clean, organized and functional closet.

I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future. I know I can always call on you. I appreciate your help."


To anyone who wants to get order in his/her surroundings, I highly recommend getting the help of a prefessional organizer. I had a seemingly unconquerable art studio in my living room, which we accepted as unavoidable until the time that I ended my designing and teaching there. We wanted the livingroom back but I still needed a studio, on a lesser scale.

MaryLynn was my choice to help with this task. She is a native Tucsonan and she knows the community very well. She was invaluable in making contacts on my behalf for donating and or selling the no longer needed goods.

I found her to be a hard worker, a smart worker, and very flexible. She began our time by assessing the overall goals. She was able to see through the congested space to visualize the desired end result. And in a few short hours, we had the goals mapped out and within sight. Had I tried this on my own, I would have been quickly overwhelmed. MaryLynn kept things focused, and gave good reasons to consider for keeping or letting go of ‘stuff’. I stood in amazement at the finished results. I feel so great about having this transition so successfully accomplished."


I certainly have never been the most organized person, and juggling life with 3 children and work I found myself getting quite frustrated with the chaos of toys and other clutter around the house. MaryLynn has been an absolute lifesaver for me. She has patiently and professionally helped me to go room by room, closet by closet, box by box, so that I feel like I am getting a handle on our home again. There were areas that I put off organizing for years because I couldn’t muster the energy to tackle them on my own.

After having MaryLynn effectively and efficiently help me sort through everything and find a space for it has enabled me to re-claim living space in our house that I can’t believe I let lie in clutter for years. She is also full of information regarding organization-related community resources which has proven to be quite beneficial as well. I am so glad I finally took the time to work with MaryLynn; the peace of mind that comes with an organized home is invaluable."
-Gracie W.